Have you ever met someone and marveled at how you connected with them effortlessly?

After a few minutes you felt like you knew them forever–maybe you even shared a secret or personal struggle!

How about a charismatic person who’s a joy to be around?

You felt better about yourself after talking with them, right?

Science of People Body Language Certified Trainer

As a certified body language trainer and coach, I’ve learned the foundations and science of body language. I am a communication architect who designs blueprints for nonverbal success.

Together, we can design a customized body language plan so you can:

  • Rock an interview
  • Make an awesome first impression
  • Look and feel more confident
  • Read other people’s body language
  • Hone your social skills (yes, you can learn them!)
  • Build connections with others
This was very relevant, entertaining, and informative. I learned so much that I did not know. This info was perfect for what we do and for many other occupations.
LOVED! Thank you and would listen to your info for hours. Enjoyed all the interaction we were able to do.
I have found the body language techniques very useful and continually find ways to apply them in my personal and professional life. Thank you Kristin!

Let’s Build Your Nonverbal Advantage!

Start Learning!